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We consider ourselves the gateway to the unknown, where the spirits of the past linger in the shadows. With our years of experience and state-of-the-art investigative technology, our team of fearless paranormal investigators in Durham have explored various haunted sites across the North East of England. From eerie castles to abandoned hotels and haunted schools, we have seen it all. But what will you discover? Join us on a spine-chilling journey through the paranormal, where the veil between this world and the next is lifted! Grab your torch and join us for an unforgettable evening – with Kindred Spirit by your side, you'll have the courage to explore, uncover and experience the paranormal for yourself!



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“What Can I Expect from A Ghost Hunt in Durham?”


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Tailored Investigations

We want you to have the most thrilling and unforgettable experience possible! That's why our paranormal investigators in Durham can tailor your investigation to you and your group, so you can explore the paranormal in the way that suits you best. If you have a specific technique you've been dying to try, let us know - we're sure we can accommodate your needs!

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Intimate Groups

We've found that smaller groups have the best chance of experiencing paranormal activity, so we keep our groups relatively small. With a ratio of eight guests to each of our paranormal investigators in Durham, you'll have a better experience. Feel free to break off into smaller groups or venture off on your own to uncover the paranormal secrets hiding in the shadows!


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Haunted Locations

We only investigate locations with a history of paranormal activity – recently if possible! There's no point in looking for ghosts in a place where they don't exist, right? If, however, you have a specific location in mind, let us know – we're happy to explore new and uncharted territory!

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Full Equipment Access

Some paranormal investigators keep all the cool equipment to themselves, but not us! We want you to have the full paranormal investigation experience, so we give you full access to all the state-of-the-art equipment we have in our arsenal. With tools like EMF meters, laser grid pens, EVP recorders and more, you can truly run your own investigation.



What sort of equipment would our paranormal investigations in Durham employ?

At Kindred Spirit Investigations, we are always at the forefront of the latest paranormal technology to give you the best chance of success in your investigation. We keep a watchful eye on new developments in paranormal detection technology and integrate them into our investigations. You'll have complete access to and training in how to use the cutting-edge equipment we have at our disposal. These include:

EMF MetersLaser Grid PensEVP RecordersOvilus IIITemperature GunsThe Parabolic EarSpirit Box


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