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Taken an interest in the paranormal?

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Kindred Spirit Investigations are ghost hunting in the North East, proudly hosting events in some of the most haunted sites across the UK. We're dedicated to evidencing and exploring the paranormal and organise events, both public and private, so you can come along and get involved! We also offer workshops and equipment demonstrations as separate experiences, using our state-of-the-art tools, if you're interested. Our experienced, knowledgeable team will take you on expeditions into abandoned buildings, jails, churches, halls, houses, asylums and many, many more!

What Will You Discover?

Whether you're a seasoned ghost hunter or just dipping your toe into the paranormal, book your place on an investigation today.


Kindred Spirit Investigations tour using laser grid pen to ghost hunt in old building






“Great investigation at the Manor House last night. Friendly team with lots of great ghost investigating equipment. Will deffo be back to do another one.” - Kelly Smith


“Went on Yarm Fellowship Hall investigation and had the most brilliant time. Highly recommend the ladies who run it, they were friendly and welcoming and I am definitely going to book again soon!” - Rachael Hall


“We loved our first investigation with Kindred Spirit Investigations. They were very friendly, helpful and professional. We got to squeeze in so much into our night at Victoria Tunnels in Newcastle. We can't wait to book another event.” - Sonia Welsh


“Very well organised and a friendly and approachable team. A great opportunity to try out different equipment and a lovely buffet. Thank you – what a great night.” - Joanne Cain







Our team is made up of friendly, professional and knowledgeable investigators, highly trained to lead investigations, using both traditional and scientific techniques. As we specialise in ghost hunting in the North East in the North East, we use a diverse range of equipment, similar to those seen on leading paranormal shows, like Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Lockdown and TAPS.


All of our investigations are run in small groups, for a better-quality investigation. We like to keep a ratio of 1 investigator to 8 guests, as having too many people, with too much noise, can negatively impact spirit contact. We also adapt the night to meet your needs – whether you want to do a lone vigil or a complete séance, the evening is designed around what you want.


We want people to come on our events and feel like a valued part of the team (“one of our gang,” if you like). We want guest to expect professional levels of delivery, so our paranormal investigators in the North East will explain what the equipment detects, as well as its limitations. While many investigators do not allow guests to use and handle their equipment, we do!

Kindred Spirit Investigations ghost hunt padded room


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