There's nothing more thrilling than exploring the site of real paranormal events!

With Kindred Spirit Investigations, we take a hands-on approach to our ghost hunts, in the North East and throughout the UK, so you can have the chance to communicate and explore, rather than just watching from the sidelines. We're dedicated to exploring haunted sites throughout the country and evidencing the paranormal, using state-of-the at investigative equipment. We are often asked many of the same questions about our investigations and thought we would share our responses below. That way, you get a good understanding of our ethos, practice and what to expect from your ghost hunting in the North East

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Paranormal Investigators role in an investigation?

Kindred Spirit Investigators are all seasoned investigators, with many professional years of experience. Our main focus is to encourage spirit contact using a range of different investigative techniques. The team will guide you, demonstrating and explaining how our equipment works, what it measures and how it is to be used safely, in order to record and evidence paranormal activity. Once the use of equipment is fully understood, we'll hand it over so that you can begin investigating as you wish.

How are groups organised?

When it comes to our ghost hunts in the North East and around the UK, we always put customers into groups with people that they book with. If customers from the same group have booked separately, please contact us to let us know and we'll make sure to put you all together. If hen or stag groups are wanting to book with our team, this can be accommodated privately.

How many people will be in my group?

We believe that more intimate groups encourage better spirit contact and less noise contamination. Therefore, we aim to keep groupings below 8 people per investigator. If you would like to investigate in a larger group, this can be arranged but please contact Kindred Spirit Investigations so that we can fully meet your needs and requirements.



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What is my role in an Investigation?

Customers play a crucial role in spirit communication. It is your vibe and energy that spirits use to communicate effectively. A group that has many quiet individuals usually receive far less activity than groups that gel well together. Spirits thrive on energy and often tend to present themselves more readily with regular engagement, laughter and chatter.

How tailored will the event be to my desires?

It's your night – have it your way!

Kindred Spirit Investigations have many customers that come time and time again. This is because of two reasons: they know we do not fake evidence and, more importantly, we listen to what you want from the night. Our staff only know what you want if you tell them! Many people would like the opportunity to investigate by themselves or with a partner away from the group, try a particular technique or use a different piece of equipment. Kindred Spirit Investigations will endeavour to provide an experience that you would like. Just let our investigators know on the night or prior to the event so that this can be arranged. 



How should I conduct myself at a Kindred Spirit Investigations event?

Kindred Spirit Investigations have a Code of Conduct that all customers need to follow on our ghost hunts in the North East. If you attend one of our events, we expect that all staff and customers are spoken to and treated with respect, irrespective of different views and opinions that you may have. Anyone that behaves disrespectfully will be asked to leave the event immediately and, in some cases, the police may be called and informed. Any person that breaks our Code of Conduct will be banned from attending future events.

What should I bring to an investigation?

On any investigation it is advisable to wear comfortable, warm, layered clothing and suitable footwear. Some venues we investigate have uneven flooring, so flat shoes, pumps and, running or walking shoes would be ideal. It is also advisable to bring a torch as many of the venues are very dark when the lights are turned off.

Do I have to take part in everything?

The activities that we engage in are purely to encourage spirit contract. Everyone that comes to investigations has slightly different views and opinions. If you are not comfortable with any activity or anything that we do on an investigation, you do not have to participate. One common example is the Ouija board. Many people have negative preconceptions about the use of a Ouija board and will not use it. If this is something that you do not want to try, this is perfectly fine. Customers sometimes choose to watch what is happening around the board and listen, while others will continue investigating using another piece of equipment.

Can I bring snacks?

Of course! All we ask is that you dispose of the litter in the bins provided. There is, however, a light buffet provided throughout the night.



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Are all venues haunted?

All venues that we investigate during our ghost hunts in the North East and around the UK have reports of paranormal activity, either recently or historically. We do not attend venues that have no reports of activity.

Will I be scared on an investigation?

Investigating the paranormal can be interesting, exciting and frightening at times. Sometimes on investigations things may happen that are beyond our understanding and belief systems. It is at these times when our customers can become fearful or scared and some customers have fled venues as they have been overcome with fear. However, the majority of people attending investigations do so with a little uncertainty and many come back time and time again, feeling secure in the knowledge that spirit will not harm them.



Will I see a ghost?

Seeing spirit would be wonderful but we cannot guarantee this and, we have to say, it is not commonplace to see full-bodied apparitions on an investigation. However, we have had whole groups of customers observe apparitions and catch them using our technology also. Although apparitions are rarer, spirit contacts and communicates in a range of different ways. Throughout the night, you should hear some bangs, taps, whispering, voices, flashes of light, doors moving, etc. from the environment that are unexplainable. Again, unfortunately, spirit communication is not guaranteed.

What if I don't get spirit activity?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee paranormal activity. Just like with humans, spirit will choose to communicate when it feels like it and on its own terms. We have a variety of tools and techniques to encourage spirit contact and, most nights, some paranormal activity is observed. Any activity that you do experience will be genuine. We do not fake evidence, have planted actors/actresses and we also do not have ‘jumpers.' Any person found to be deliberately faking evidence will be asked to leave the event and will be banned from coming to our events in the future.


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