What kinds of equipment we will be using.


Spirit Box

A spirit box is a device that scans quickly across the radio frequencies, either forwards or backwards.  more  

The Parabolic Ear

The parabolic ear amplifies the sounds in the room so that you can hear noises that you cannot hear with your ear alone.  more  

Temperature Guns

A temperature gun is a device that, when a button is depressed, a laser appears. Where the laser is pointed, a temperature reading will be taken.  more  

Ovilus III

The Ovilus is programmed to use readings from the environment and then puts them into words.  more  

EVP Recorders

In order to understand how EVP devices work, you first need to understand how we hear.  more  

Laser Grid Pens

Laser grids can be used to detect masses and shadows that pass through the laser, breaking the beams of light, so that spirits can be detected.  more  

EMF Meters

EMF’s can be used as an environmental sensor. Investigators take baseline environmental readings using the temperature and electromagnetic function.  more  

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